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Infused Liquid L&S.png
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Hotel Reisen L&S.png
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Törst L&S.png
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RAW Sushi & Grill L&S.png
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Oaxen Slip L&S.png
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Miss Clara by Nobis L&S.png
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Bento L&S.png
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International Ballet School L&S.png
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Levinskys L&S.png
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Ekobryggeriet L&S.png
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Client Testimonials

Miss Clara by Nobis L&S.png

Lagher & Sulocki were absolutely fantastic to work with. Nice, professional, responsive, easy to work with and accommodating.

Good at taking direction and capturing emotion and imagery based on mood board and social channels - pure gold to me when I have to arrange so many shoots and don’t always have the time to be present.

Above all, they delivered a fantastic  ‘wow’  result with absolutely amazing pictures! Highly recommend working with them.

- Matilda Sjöberg,
Head of PR & Marketing at

Nobis Hospitality Group

Miss Clara by Nobis

Systrarna Andersson L&S.png

Working with Lagher & Sulocki is simple and fun.

With a good understanding of the client's needs and what the market demands, they are very good at conveying the right feeling for the target group.

- Stefan Johansson,

Systrarna Andersson

Strindemarks L&S.png

Having Lagher & Sulocki in charge of photography and styling felt safe from start to finish.
They made me feel confident that they understood what we wanted to bring out from the products and made sure they were presented in the best possible way!

- Victor Strindemark,
Designer at Strindemarks

Strindemarks for
Arkipelag Konfektyr


Lagher & Sulocki have been fantastic to work with. They work quickly, professionally and with great love for their work.

It is clear that they are passionate about what they do and this is also evident in the pictures and in the relationship they have created

with us as a client.

We will definitely turn to them for future shoots. It's been a pleasure.

- Natalie Chehadé,
Marketing Coordinator at

Hotel Kungsträdgården

Hotel Kungsträdgården

Systrarna Khanna White L&S.jpg

We were extremely impressed with the work from Lagher & Sulocki. Becca and Yannick's attention to detail and meticulous planning before the work even had begun saved hours of our time on the day of the shoot. They fully understood our vision and brief and translated that into beautifully composed food shots. The art direction, styling and editing process was very well executed and as a client I was made to feel nothing was too much to ask for. We will be recommending and using them for future projects.  


- Anju Khanna Saggi 

CEO & Co founder

Systrarna Khanna AB

Systrarna Khanna

Nathalie Anna Gill L&S.png

I was so impressed with how calm and comfortable Lagher & Sulocki made me feel in front of the camera. They also created the images in line with my vision!

I would happily work with them again!


- Nathalie Gill 


Nathalie Anna Gill

Nathalie Anna Gill