Swedish Photographer Yannick Lagher and British Stylist & Art Director Becca Sulocki
have teamed up to form an unbeatable duo, creating unique storytelling pictures that will promote your business capturing its own individual style and flair.


Becca has over 20 years of commercial and editorial experience as a

food & lifestyle creative from Great Britain and Sweden.
She has a passion for aesthetic beauty and can interpret a brief to any style desired. 
Both in Britain and Sweden her work has regularly been seen on TV, in magazines and online advertising platforms. Her extensive experience means she can always see to the heart of your business and help you entice new clients to your brand.


Yannick has a background as a trained chef at Grythyttan and is today combining his passion for food and lifestyle with photography, creating visual stories that attract viewers with his unique angle. His understanding of light and use of filters gives every shoot an individual and highly personalized end result. 
He has been awarded ‘Most Outstanding Food Photographer in Sweden’ and ‘Culinary Entrepreneur of the Year 2019’ at the Food & Drink Awards by LUX Life.
Yannick’s sharp eye and attention to small detail mean his creative work is unique,
exciting and above all exceptionally beautiful.


We create outstanding content and high quality visual stories for businesses.

What makes us unique is that we together have experiences that complement each other very well and thereby create results with very high quality. 


Whatever the size of your business we’d love to help you.

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